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When the sun is shining, guests of the Bellevue can look for countless outdoor restaurants on the terraces and sidewalks. Spending a sunny day picnicking in the Bellevues Park is one of the most popular activities in the city centre. For over thirty years, the Pasta Co. Store has become a local icon for the Seattle area by picking up items at local restaurants, grocery stores and even the local grocery store. The lunch on the Eastside is also served at the spacious Life Time Health Club, connected to the public library in downtown Seattle and just a few blocks from the park.

Efficient service and reasonable prices add to the appeal, as does the buzz brunch, and from the restaurant's rooftop terrace guests can enjoy great views of the Seattle skyline and the city skyline. They offer lunch and dinner, day and weekend brunch, making it the perfect place for a late night outing.

For a surprisingly filling lunch, order the garlic-herb chicken with grilled artichokes and cauliflower rice, or go for the crispy garlic-tofu chicken, which you call "chicken" a second later. Try the fire - fried pizza with bacon - smoked apples, clams and a side of chicken and cheese fries, as well as the spicy pork belly sandwich.

To pair the pork belly with freshly baked kale, blasted broccoli and a bourbon sauce bread pudding is just one delicious highlight. There are some delicious options to consider, such as fried salmon, served with a side of sweet and sour cream, bacon and cheese sauce. The tempting dishes include crispy vegetable rolls on Nuoc Cham, cherry tarts or the cherry tomato, pepper and caramel mousse. Special treats include: Parisian macarons with raspberry cream cheese croissants, raspberries, cherries, tomatoes, pecans and pears, as well as a selection of cheeses, pastries and desserts.

The bakery, founded in 2003, offers its guests everything from croissants, biscuits, desserts and quiches in a friendly atmosphere. French bakery, which for a variety of reasons has found and still has a unique destination, is a favorite of many Washington, D.C. residents and visitors to the city.

In order to offer the guests the most delicious cuisine, the kitchen team searches for the freshest products and never uses preservatives. By sourcing dishes from scratch, they create something for everyone, whether they like it or not, and they do it all by hand.

For the carnivores, the steakhouse offers a selection of steaks, and seasonal changes keep the menu fresh. Past favourites include grilled beef fillet with herb grating, potato snips, pork belly, chicken breast and pork chops. Highlights include sushi rice with sashimi and vegetables, grilled black cod in saikyo miso sauce, and light tempura and enoki mushrooms. Main courses include a variety of seafood such as salmon, tuna, crab, salmon and shrimp, as well as pork and chicken dishes.

The 21st floor of the Bank of America building offers stunning views of downtown Bellevue, and the steak is top notch. Take a look at the views from the upper floors of the bank, where the restaurant is located in the heart of downtown Bellevues, or take a walk up.

The restaurant menu will show you a full list of all options, as well as the full menu, and you can view them.

For a quick midweek lunch, check out one of the many food trucks scattered around downtown Bellevue. Build your own shakes and smoothies or grab your vegan PB & B shake, which is very popular. Sit in the elegant café to enjoy your meal on the premises or reserve a table nearby - to be great for an afternoon or evening out, as there are four locations throughout the Seattle subway area. Enjoy fresh snacks - and - go out the fridge or make your own shake or smoothie and enjoy a meal in the café.

For those who prefer a more casual setting, the raw bar serves some of the best oysters in the area. Start with a wine list of over 100 bottles and try one of the many craft beers, cocktails and cocktails.

If Take-Out is your main business or a local chain, you can dine in or outside one of the restaurants. Learn to turn takeaway leftovers into lunch, keep them fresh longer and buy what you need quickly. Let us know if you are vegan to get the full range And you will be satisfied with a solid, tasty meal. Bellevue residents can also start using leftover food and recycling with free kitchen waste bins by calling our leftover food recovery hotline at (206) 662-5555.

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